Family fun at Union Buildings, Pretoria

One fun-loving family – one beautiful Pretoria landmark


The recipe: Creating family fun!

Ingredients: One family, with the likes of Dad Gerhard, mom Susan, sisters Linneke and Amelie, and brother Gerhard (jnr)

Method: Invite them to meet photographer at 7.00 am at Union Buildings, Pretoria

Make sure they are comfortable and kiddies ready (even if bribery with suckers is needed..)

Let them enjoy the scenery, gardens, steps, Madiba’s statue

Sneak in stolen shots

Bake for one hour in the fresh air, with sun burning the clouds away

Serving suggestions: Serve on plate of family love and appreciation of each other

Serves many!!

Thank you Gerhard and Susan, for sharing your family with us. May you be blessed in abundance!

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