Family Photography – Robbie and Camilia Coetzee

“Family is the anchor that holds us together in life’s storms”

Two years ago, Camilia walked into my life. She immediately became part of my tribe. Cammie worked with me on several projects, with the result that I got to know her very well.

She told me about the love of her life … Robbie. Robbie played hooker for the Lions, and she was so proud of her man. Soon she shared the very exciting news that he asked her to get married, and shortly after that, they were Mr and Mrs.

And the best news ever broke … little Peanut was on his way!! We couldn’t wait, counting the days to get to know Connor. Time went by fast, and on one special day, he was part of the Coetzee family.

One year later, and I had the exciting privilege to capture forever moments for them. We met on a beautiful cool autumn day, with the brown and yellow leaf trees offering a canopy over a Pretoria street. First the Dad and son moments (with Connor offering Robbie his bottle of milk), whereafter Mom had her turn with her darling boy. Next up the there of them, leaving us with photos one can only treasure.

They are now on their way to new beginnings. But we spent this time together, me and them, turning Moments to Memories

May God bless this special family and keep them safe for their family and friends.

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