Juan and Marisa Aragon, 21 July 2018

“She held my hand for a moment, looking up into my face, promising that there was no one in the world she so much wanted to see” – F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.

Wedding of Juan and Marisa Aragon …. An elegant couple with their beautiful two daughters, Gia and Ava… people of love, made for each other. With the the uniquely beautiful theme, The Great Gatsby, this wedding has to be one of my favorites. All the guests adopted the theme, arriving at The Fairway Hotel in Randburg, taking us back to 1925. Juan was the man of the moment with his elegant black suit and black bow tie, while Marisa took everyone’s breath away with her stylish dress that complimented her beautiful figure. Dr Laban conducted a lovely ceremony, confirming Juan and Marisa’s new life together. After the photo formalities, the guests were invited into the most beautiful decorated reception hall, making all feel as if they stepped into a Gatsby movie. And with everything this special…. the night was perfect!

As I respect the privacy of this couple, I adhere to their request not to post more images

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