Maternity session – In studio photography – Camilia

Maternity session – In studio photography – Camilia Coetzee

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“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for” – Unknown

Beautiful and elegant – the words to describe Camilia, awaiting the day little Connor will be born. I met Camilia around two years ago, where we collaborated on photography and marketing projects for clients. Because of Camilia’s  professional approach and need for perfection, we immediately hit it of. As person, Camilia is first of all beautiful, charming and so friendly. Furthermore, as business woman, she relates to her clients, offering them the best service.

August 2018 Camilia married her soul mate and best friend, Robbie. Then, a couple of months later, another wonderful “something” happened .. they fell pregnant! While supporting her rugby star hubby and also building her clients’ brands, she remained the breathtakingly gorgeous woman I got to know. Now, while pregnant and awaiting Connor’s birth, Camilia certainly glows and still catches everyone’s eye and attention.

Camilia arrived at my photography studio, prepared and ready for the shoot. And as always, she immediately knew what I was looking for .. elegance and style, together with that tenderness only a mother-to-be can portray. As a result, we managed to capture special moments, moments any couple will certainly treasure for always.

Robbie and Camilia, we can’t wait to meet Connor. May your days together be blessed and filled with joy!

Lots of love


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