Portrait session – In studio photography – Almie

Portrait session – In studio photography – Almie van Rooyen-King

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She arrived at my studio early morning. I met her at the car, and first thing I noticed, was her bare feet. I immediately loved her!

Almie is not your everyday, just another young woman type of girl. She knows who she is, feels comfortable in her skin and takes on the world – face to face! She is also a strong advocate for Women rights, especially when it comes to Women abuse, rape and is an active supporter of #redmylips2019. As a passionate writer on these topics, a well calculated article was publish by News24.

Almie must be one of the most beautiful young woman I had in front of my camera. As a friend said … “those eyes!!” She immediately understood what I expected from her, got into the vibe and we just shot away! And of course, enjoyed a fine glass on red while doing it! As a result, I ended up with powerful images.

Almie, thanks for joining me in studio. I’m certainly looking forward to the project we are planning, a project that will result in life changing photos , influencing the way the world see us. I can’t wait to share our vision.

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