Teens session – In Studio Photography – Jes and Chanelle

“Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing” – Aristotle

Saturday morning 10.00. Jes and Chanelle walked into studio, a bit nervous at first, not 100 % sure what to expect. I walked them through the shoot, confirming the expectations for the shoot. And the fun began!
They came very prepared, bringing a variety of looks, all showing their individuality and personality.

They have it all … the looks, the attitude, the pazazz!

Thanks Jes and Chanelle for an awesome time In Studio!

Tips for Teens In Studio:

1. Don’t force any poses.
You may not be willing to do certain poses because they feel silly, childish, or uncomfortable. Instead of forcing you into a pose, I’ll let you be natural and without much direction.
If you get stuck, I will help you change up the pose with something you feel would work for both of us. But keep in mind, it will be within the frame of my style and brand.

2. Move around constantly.
We joke around with others at the session, should there be someone else, to help you loosen up a bit. When you come with sibling/s, well, that’s easy then hey! Even Mom and Dad can be fun…
Doing this before getting into the more posed photos can help relax you a little bit and make the overall experience enjoyable.

3. Chatting and having fun during the session.
We are humans!! Let’s chat and share!

4. Use Props to have a variety of poses.
Bring it with! If you are into playing the guitar, even if this isn’t a school activity, bring in their guitar and can use it to pose with during the session. Rugby balls, ballet clothes, anything! Bring it as props.
Props can help you moving during the session and take away a little of the pressure of standing and posing all alone.

5. Wardrobe changes.
WE all have different looks for different occasions. Bring two or three outfits and let’s show the total you.

And there is ONE RULE ——- ENJOY!!!!

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