Wedding Chris and Mbali

The day on the calendar they’ve been waiting for – 2 December 2018! The wedding day of Chris and Mbali at Monte de Dios, Pretoria

 Chris, all the way from UK, joined by his special friends and Dad, and the lovely Mbali, also now an UK resident, decided to start their new life together in sunny (and rainy) South Africa!

It was a moody day, with storms threatening to break out any moment … Chris was joined in preparation by his very humorous groomsman, having us in shutters with his jokes and laughter! Chris’s Dad joined in, and we had a great time capturing Chris’s prep moments.

Things were quieter during Mbali’s prep session, but o boy, so beautiful!! What an amazing, stunning bride she was! I totally fell in love with her, and could immediately sense why Chris love his bride so much.

I couldn’t stop myself taking photos of her and her special moments. After a very emotional ceremony, we made use of the lovely clouds and sunset to capture the couples images. We then joined the rest of the wedding party for an evening of joy, good food, celebration and dancing!! Thank you Chris and Mbali, for having me as your wedding photographer.

I want to wish you much happiness and blessings for years to come.


Photographer: Santie Korf Photography

Second photographer: Paul Lavery

Venue: Monte de Dios, Pretoria

Wedding coordinator: Alesia van Achterbergh, AVA Events Décor Design & Photography


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